Dental Imaging

Dental Imaging is an innovative technique to produce sharper images of teeth for dentists to better analyze your oral hygiene. While x-rays generally reveal what is within your dental structure, new dental imaging techniques help dentists discover the presence of cavities, dental infections, oral masses and bone loss.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays have become a major advancement. Taking x-rays digitally is convenient and produces more reliable results. Digital x-rays are safer than traditional x-rays, as they don’t expose the patient to as much radiation. It’s also quicker, producing results immediately since to an attached computer.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera helps dentists take sharper images inside the mouth. This camera comes with three options:

  • Periapical X-Ray: Produces a results for one tooth at a time, detecting even the smallest change in someone’s dental structure.

  • Bitewing X-Ray: Incorporates the upper and lower teeth of a specific area in your mouth. This intraoral camera helps detect tooth decays, cavities, and other abnormalities in the mouth.

  • Occlusal X-Ray: This intraoral camera focuses on the arch of the teeth, producing results which help study the dental structure and the tooth development.

Our dentist at of Charleston, Illinois is experienced in using these dental imaging advancements, ensuring a quick and productive experience during your dental appointment.  For any questions, call or stop by our office today.